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Lots of formatting changes and updates going on at the moment. Spring cleaning I guess.
My plan is to focus the site to games and making stuff, focusing on a narrower, but more interesting set of content. Hoping to get it all tidied up by the end of the month because there are some home improvement projects I want to actually start on, and blog as I go.

Shuttle Gaming PC

Shuttle XPC

A while back my old media center, a ex-lease HP desktop, died of old age.  Rather than get another second hand machine  I decided to spend a bit of money (I had just received my quarterly bonus) and build a new HTPC from scratch.  My requirements were for something capable of streaming netflix, streaming Steam games and locally hosting my media files on a large disk.  So I went with a Shuttle XPC and was highly impressed with the results.  It looks great next to the TV, and it uses desktop components, saving a bit of money.  There is plenty of room inside for a Blue Ray player, 3.5″ HDD (media) and 2.5″ SSD (OS) and it runs silent with a little Core i3.  Steam streaming works perfectly, Rocket League is butter smooth and KSP plays amazing on the big screen.


So when it came time to update my gaming PC I really wanted to go with another shuttle.
Of course elephant in the room is the graphics card.  The media center runs on the onboard Intel GFX, but the gaming PC uses a hungry GeForce 760.  Some quick googling showed that the card would fit, and that the Shuttle XPC came with the option of a 500w Bronze PSU.  In fact there were a few blogs online with shuttle gaming rigs, so I felt confident that it would work, provided that I did a little case modding to give the GFX card some fresh air.

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